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January 11th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink


Whats up and thanks for visiting Moleymusic.com!

What a year it has been for Moley! The Irish vocal enigma has done a lot of teaching and workshopping around the secondary schools, libraries, and even Universities of Ireland. As well as doing a lot of shows with his brother in the inimitable Size2shoes. Music brought Moley and his brother Eoin to Tuscany and Newfoundland, Canada this year, too! Moley also visited London a couple of times to complete a really interesting project that is due for release in December 2011. More on that closer to the date, eh? Here at Moleymusic.com we don’t like to brag more than 9 months in advance ;)

The most significant element of this year has definitely been the teaching side of things. Working with a marvelous group of arts administrators called Artscope has really increased the amount of workshops that I have been doing the last year or so. So much fun traveling around teaching kids what real hip hop is ( ! ) and also hearing some of the skills of the kids as well as teaching them beatbox trix to impress their friends, and enemies alike!

So have a look around this new website and send me a message if you think moleymusic can help you realise your plans in any way!

Moley o S